I began my career at an early age of 16 doing home parties and demonstrations for a skin care company evolving into professional training seminars for the art of makeup and skin care.  We were the first in the industry to offer a complete set of skin care that gave the client a morning and night regiment to cleanse, condition and protect the skin for both women and men.  I left the east coast to California by 1974 continuing my career in the sales of natural skin care and services to include specialized skin peels and oxygen therapy with undeniable results in a short period of time along with developing 40 different skin care formulas which my chemist worked with me to manufacture, always in small, fresh quantities. I specialized in laser and surgery patients together with hyper allergic and sensitive skins. My priority was “corrective skin care”  whereby clients saw the difference in their skin immediately, all skin types and conditions. My goal with each client was to take their skin back to the way it was, new born as much as possible. 

After my chemist passed away and loosing my only daughter to neurofibromatosis turned into cancer, I retired my long established business for quite some time, only to service a few close friends and clients. In time I found a wonderful new chemist that has the background, experience, quality focus and passion for the best organically produced products I could possibly hope for.  I then decided I have far too much to offer not to take all these years of hard work and experience to another level.

I guarantee you will love these products properly used and with that comes my expertise to guide you into a time friendly, simple use program you will always want to use without the expense and waste of buying, trying and back to the mundane marketplace for something else.  Remember, beauty comes from the inside out. Consider your lifestyle and daily habits in nutrition and wholistic health.  I have always counseled my clients in that direction. 


Zoya Nadia Rennka